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   Buxvertise Strategy with Zero Investment, System 2 Years Old.Instant Payments


Buxvertise.com is a new
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New promising PTC site
  Owner of Buxvertise are Drew & Jess who are also the owners of TrafficReturn since 2012.
If you want you can go through Buxvertise Review.
Today I am going to reveal Buxvertise strategy which will help you to succeed with Buxvertise.
In this Buxvertise strategy I will give you detail statistics which will be
1. Earning form your own click
2. Earning from your referral click (Considering RR average of 6)
3. Amount required for Autopay
4. You Total & net profit.
This strategy will help you make 30$ per day profit.
Buxvertise Membership details:
Before proceeding let’s go through Buxvertise membership details.
It has 3 types of memberships as Member, Buxer & Eternity.
As you can see Buxvertise has as low as $5/month membership upgrade.
One thing I like the most about Buxvertise is you can earn same click value for rented referrals as well as direct referrals unlike many other PTC sites.
buxvertise strategy
 Buxvertise Rented Referral Pricing:
Rented referral price for Buxvertise starts from as low as $0.15.
Though the price increase gradually from $0.15 to $0.25,
Auto-pay pricing is $0.0045 for 1000 referrals & $0.006 for 1000+ referrals.
This gives you discount from 10% to 28% which is much better than other PTC sites.
buxvertise strategy
Buxvertise Rented Referral Average:
I have seen people advertising that you will get RR average of 9+ in Buxvertise.
But, truly I have got consistent average of 6.
So I will be revealing my Buxvertise strategy based on that & average of 6 is much better for you to make profit of 30$ per day.
buxvertise strategy
 Buxvertise Strategy For Eternity Membership:
Now we have gone through all the details like Buxvertise memberships, rented referral pricing, auto-pay pricing & rented referral average.
These are statistics we will be using for the strategy.


Daily Earning form own click= (0.002*20)+(0.003*3)= 0.04675$
Daily Earning from one Rented Referral= 0.002*6= 0.012$
Initial investment = 35 for upgrade & 15$ for renting 100 rented referrals + 5 for auto-pay
Autopay is 0.0045 Till 1000 Rented Referrals
We will go in details on how to invest & buy rented referrals to make profit from Buxvertise.
If you are not able to see it properly Click On This Link.
Buxvertise Strategy
With Buxvertise, you can make $135 profit within 60 days.
With Eternity membership you can rent 5000 referrals.
If you apply this strategy with 5000 rented referrals you can earn 30$ profit per day.
That is whopping 900$ profit per month.
You need to be patience while working on PTC site. You cant be rich in a night. So go with the flow and you will succeed.
Try to get rented referrals and as well as direct referrals. Direct referrals are the best way to earn but its a bit difficult to find.
To get direct referrals advertise your link on social media or on other PTC sites. Spread your banners everywhere.
Once you have enough earning, buy premium account. it will double you income.
keep in mind that your rented referrals average should be above 3 otherwise you will be in loss. if the referrals is not clicking and its average is below 3 then recycle it. recycle means it will be replaces with new referral and its cost will be$ .06. system also recycles the dead referrals for free but it will take 15 days, so recommended is, you recycle dead referral after 5 to 7 days if its not clicking or going below the average.
Direct referrals on PTC (Paid To Click) websites are, as opposed to rented or bought, a source of income in 100% because we do not have to pay to obtain them or maintain, and makes much faster to reach the objective of the minimum for payout. The search is eternal, and many end up quitting, but with some dedication and commitment anyone can get direct referrals. To help you in this mission I decided to disclose some known techniques and those used by me that made me get more than 1500 direct referrals spread across all PTC websites that I use.DRAW ATTENTION THROUGH THE CHATS / MESSENGERS
How many contacts you have on your favorite messenger (MSN for example)? Each one of them could be your next direct referral! A good tip to draw the attention of your friends is to change your nickname to something like “want to make money on the internet like me? Speak with me”. Many can ignore, but the closest friends will want to learn more by thinking (and well) than you would never fool them. If you are on a chat you can always try to pull the “make money on the Internet” subject to the conversation, and if the chat rules do not prohibit (always take attention to the rules) will be a great way to advertise your referral link .SEND EMAIL TO YOUR CONTACT LIST
Create a simple and short text which explains what you do to earn money on the internet and include your referrals links. Express yourself in an informal manner and characteristic of your personality, after all you are sending an email to your list of friends who you naturally do not usually deal with “you”! This method must be used in moderation, you will not want to be “boring” to be always talking about the same right? But attention, never send emails to people outside your contact list because SPAM (unsolicited email) is against the terms of PT sites.
There are some forums about the subject earn money on the internet where we can share knowledge, ideas, and also participate in “referrals currents” or links exchange where two people combine to be referrals of each other in different sites. But you can also get direct referrals in other forums by editing your signature. If the forum rules allow, you can add a banner or a referral link about the PTC sites you are in on your signature and then every time you post a new message, everyone will see your links.

There are hundreds of online communities on the internet, and for sure you are registered in at least one. One of the features that all have is the possibility of having a profile with your data, and you could add something there related to the PTC sites and show your referral links at the same time! Many of your friends will notice and want to contact you to learn more.
Although our goal is to make money on the internet, why not experience the other side and spend some money on advertising? As you may already be used to see, most PTC sites display ads about other PTC sites using the referral link from the buyer. Is not guaranteed that you will get direct referrals with this method, but works very well in case you want to advertise a brand new PTC with few members.
This is the tip that gives more work, but I believe it is the most effective.
If you begin to get tired of repeating the same explanation every time you speak with a new person about the PTC sites, then you should create a simple website or blog with all the info and then give the link to many persons you know!

GUARANTEED SIGN UPS is the easiest way to get referrals.The Signups will come from Paid to Signup Offers on a lot of different of Websites ( such as Donkeymails,YouRoMail ) on the Net. Your offer will start normaly with 5 business days after they confirmed your payment, but it can take up to 10 days.